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Quickstep has been training Indian and foreign students from the past 20 years , students across different locations like Saudi Arabia , Iran , Sudan come to learn English with Quickstep English Centre . Here unlike the other institutes we don’t just train on spoken English rather we strive on improving you as a person by helping you improve your body language , confidence level along with your English , At Quickstep English Centre we follow activity based sessions where we help you understand the concept of spoken English with the help of activities , games, Group discussions, word antakshari (vocabulary building) Etc , our approach will help you lean and speak good English in a more interesting and easy way.
After completing the course we find drastic improvement in our students provided they are regular , punctual and attentive in the class ,our trainers will put their 100% efforts in helping you improving your communication and confidence but without you practicing what was taught in the class you may not be able to get 100% of what we strive to give you. You will also have to make sure that you take part in the the activities done in the class as those are very helpful in order to improve your confidence level.
A modular system is a circular system which works like a clock , here we divide the course into modules which are no where dependent on the other , each module placed like the numbers in the clock , for example 1 o'clock now , will be 1 o'clock again after 12 hours the same way in the modular system our modules are repeated after a few classes . for example you have joined in the module 2(2 o'clock) , you must be thinking you have missed the module 1 , that's not how it is , since you are staring from module 2 , you will be taken through module 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and then like a clock the class would again come back to the module 1 . Hence you will be learning exactly the same as what the other students have learnt .
No in a modular system there in no start and a stop , hence you will not be the last one to join the class , you will see a new student joining the class almost every other day.
Except for Spoken English we have IELTS , TOEFL ,Business English , soft skills , Grooming Etiquette, Dining etiquette, Negotiation skills , Business Skills , Accent training , Personality Development , Interview skills And foreign Languages such as German , French , Spanish , Japanese , Mandarin , Italian , Korean , Russian , Dutch , Portuguese Etc .
Yes , We can assist you in getting a job but not assure you that you join our course and you would be getting a job , however we would try our best in helping you with the same.
Yes , at Quickstep English Centre the trainer's are highly experienced and trained to train you on any levels including IELTS.
Yes, We in Quick step hire the trainer's, based on their experience. And we have certified & experienced trainer's who can cater the need of the student community.
Yes, We have branches across locality in prominent places.
Yes, we do provide Private training for the candidate who prefers to study in Private.
Yes, we do reduce the fees provide you opt to study in group classes.
Yes, we do have weekend batches, as most of the employed students are proffering to take in weekend batches. The weekend batches are not different from regular classes, the only difference no of hours per day in weekend is more as compared to weekdays. Weekdays you would be having 1 to 2 hours as per the availability of the students and trainer, where as in the weekend batches one should be prepared to attend 3 hours a day class on Saturday and Sunday.
Yes, we have experienced trainer's who are teaching board syllabus in school colleges.
Yes, we do provide online training as per the candidate's requirement.
Blended online training is a combination of both online and f2f training based on the needs and situations of both student and the trainer.