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Learn French.

Courses for all the languages are developed by experienced professionals and teachers, and nicely structured. Most courses include group discussion.

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About French Language.

French language is spoken across the world. In France one cannot think of surviving without knowing French language. The other places where one cannot survive without French is Quebec, Northern Africa where around 22 states use French for Business, Education and in day to day official function. French is spoken in many countries apart from France.

French is spoken many other countries. Some of the countries where French is used as official language are – Guinea, Haiti, Luxembourg, Madagascar, ,Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Central, African, Republic, Chad, Comoros, , Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial, Guinea, , Mali, Monaco, Niger, Cote d”Ivoire, .. Apart from this there are many countries French as the courtiers where people speak or learn French language.

Why you should learn French.

French language is most popular language taught in schools in India, more than a million students are learning French in around 9000 schools across India, and this makes you a member of the large French speaking community.

French is the most widely taught foreign language in India by far and the second in the world after English. Knowing a foreign language is one of most sought after skill in Business or in Profession. French is one of the most sought languages. As more and more companies are moving to India and also Indian companies are expanding their business across the world the need for skilled language specialists are increasing and highly skilled language specialists are earning more than their counterpart who are not equipped with international language skills.

French language for P.U.C Board.

(Karnataka state Board syllabus)

French Language training For CBSE:

CBSE French classes for:

CBSE French IIX, IX, X, XI, VII, VI, V. IGSC French Classes.

French Pronounciation Tips For Beginners.

For First PUC

As you are quite new to language we teach you from the basics. You will learn:

Introduction to French language and culture:

Rules of pronunciation in French language.

Different accents used in French language.

Changing the noun from masculine to feminine and to plural

Rules of conjugation for -er, -re and -ir verbs in different tenses

Usage of pronouns like Pronom personnel, pronom Interrogative, pronom “en” et “Y”.

rules to be followed for adjective.

how to form adverb from adjective.

Prepositions used for countries.

C.O.I (complement d’object indirect) and C.O.D (complement d’object direct).

Rules of passe compose

Vocabullary on the basis of each lessons from Dossir One

speaking = self introduction, greetings, making basic conversation, buying at a local market, asking for general information. To talk about your day to day life.

We give emphasis to all Reading, speaking, Writing and listening.

For Second PUC

As you are preparing for Board Exam right practice from the beginning will help you to score more marks, which helps in aggregate marks.

Quickstep trains you from the perspective of Board exams, by giving you periodical feedback on performance.

Before starting the second year syllabus, Quickstep will assess your knowledge and suggest to re-practice the First year grammar and we will guide you on that. You will learn:

how to use pronom relative.

Pronom “en” and “Y” in different tenses.

Placement of adjective in a sentence.

Pronom COI et COD and placement of pronoms in a sentence.

Usage of pronom “on” et pronom demonstratives.

L’imparatif affirmative and L’imparatif negative.

Imperfait et Future simple formation and its usage.

Difference between passe compose et l’imperfait.

Les articulateurs logiues.

Le discours Indirect or discours rapport

L’expression de la duree.

Rules and regulation of drafting the mails.

Writing letters explaining about your past experience, or inviting your closed one or friends for a celebration.

Course Details (Professional / General).

A1 – Part 1 & Part 2

In this level student will be trained in

Basic rules and regulation of French grammar.

Pronunciation rules.

Reading practice by applying different accents of French grammar.

Practicing in forming the sentences.

Listening and to understand the pronunciation in French.

Speaking and practicing the French Pronunciation.

By the end of this course student will be in a position to :

Form the sentences.

Read the provided information or content.

Make the dialogue.

Able to understand the basic conversation.

A2 – Part 1 & Part 2

In this level student will be trained in

Different levels of grammar: sentence formation in different tenses, using adjectives, adverbs. You will also learn to write letter/ mail.

Many activities included to improve the reading without

You will be trained in listening German native speaker conversation.

By the end of this course student will be in a position to :

Form the sentences on their-own. Write letter / mail for formal & informal occasion.

Read without pronunciation mistakes.

Converse and make dialogue in formal & informal occasion.

Able to understand the conversation or dialogue among native speaker’s.

Also there is a huge demand for skilled Translator’s and Interpreter’s. Given new rush to learn international languages in Educational institutions one can expect a job with Education institutions with corporate salary.

Spoken French course for Businessmen & Traveler’s:

We have a customized spoken French course for Businessmen & Traveler’s who frequently visit French speaking countrie

You will be trained to speak in day to day conversation like asking information, replying to query in Airport/ metro station or Hotel.

This will help you to travel on your own without depending on the interpreter’s. You will be trained in the importance of exchanging the greetings and making conversation in formal and informal way.

French Training for Students (Educational segment):

School syllabus: French language training (training provided as per the School syllabus- we are teaching all major international schools syllabus of ICSE/CBSE/others).

College syllabus: French language training (We are training students from all major colleges in Bangalore)

Corporate Training

We cater the need of Corporate in all major foreign languages.


Are the trainers certified and experienced? Yes, we have certified & experienced trainer's

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