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Why Learn Spanish.

Courses for all the languages are developed by experienced professionals and teachers, and nicely structured. Most courses include group discussion.

  • If you can speak Spanish, you can communicate with close 500 millions of people in the world, Imagine how many new friend’s you can have in your friends list, or think of the professional opportunities that you would get.
  • If you have plans to traveller Latin America or Spain you will realize the importance of Spanish language. Spanish language is vital to draw the best part of your new life.
  • The wonderful thing about learning Spanish language is that it is never very late to learn this language. Whether you come as teenager, as a professional, as a parent or as a retired you can learn the language.
  • The beauty of learning language here is about sharing your experience and learning new things through a new language.
  • More importantly the native people like one who speaks their language, and they won’t hesitate to help you to speak better.
  • Apart from all this, learning language is an incredibly rewarding experience. Once you start to get the grip of the language you begin to appreciate the rich culture and history, cuisines and its roots.
  • Most of us had dreamt of learning a International language during our school days, but due the less Importance for language, we did not learn.
  • But today you have more opportunities if you know at least one international language.

Spanish language specialists are required in which industry?.

  • Spanish language skill has become one of the most sought after skill for the people who are working in IT/K.P.O/BPO.
  • Many Businessmen/Professionals are learning Spanish as these people are expanding their business to Spanish speaking region or they have a strong client based out of Spanish speaking regions.
  • In Hospitality, Tours & Travel industry good knowledge of Spanish commands the salary for the candidates.
  • As Spanish speaking countries speared across Latin America which has strong potential to have greater economy, the demand for skilled Spanish language specialist are more.
  • This has also increased the demand for the Translator’s and Interpreter’s as per the estimation the translation Industry estimates turnover of 14bn, in few years. This is the boon for the people who want to work as freelancer.



In these levels student will be trained in

Basic rules and regulation of Spanish grammar.

Pronunciation rules.

Reading practice by applying different accents of Spanish grammar.

Practicing in forming the sentences.

Listening and to understand the pronunciation in Spanish.

Speaking and practicing the Spanish Pronunciation.

By the end of this course student will be in a position to :

Form the sentences.

Read the provided information or content.

Make the dialogue.

Able to understand the basic conversation.

A1 – PART 1 40 hours
A1 – PART 2 40 hours
A2 – PART 1 40 hours
A2 – PART 2 40 hours
B1 – PART 1 50 hours
B1 – PART 2 50 hours
B2 – PART 1 50 hours
B2 – PART 2 50 hours

Corporate Training

English is commonly used in India for both business and government related work.

Advanced English

This level students english is quite good but needs polish to speak commanding spoken english


IELTS is one of the major English-language tests in the world.

Career English Language

Improve your communication skills in English and start a career at management level